Auto Stop Kit for Pachislo Casino Slot Machine

Auto Stop Kit for Pachislo Casino Slot Machine
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The photos below may vary slightly based on the model ordered, but all auto-stop kits function the same. (sample pictures shown below are the AS-30A and the AS-16/17)


New models added!! AS-11 and AS-0Z1.

Known manufacturers that will require the UNIVERSAL autostop kit are:  Baltec, Belco, Kita, Matsuya, Pioneer, Techno Koshen, Okasaki.






AS-01 Used in Aruze/Macy, Universal machines without illuminated push buttons

Azteca, Adventures of Porcano, Bonus Shop, Climax, Continental II-blue, Cranky Condor, DJ, DJ Bros, Doggy Jam, Flipper - blue, Flipper - red, G-7, Getter Mouse - green, Getter Mouse - pink, Harley Davidson, King of Carib, Nine, Oriental, Solex, Succession, Super Mog Mog, Triple Winner, Twinkle Stage, Ward of Lights
(These have five (5) wire push button assemblies)



AS-07 Used in Aruze/Macy, Universal machines with illuminated push buttons

Arex, Azteca Returns, Babel, Baby Angel, Beast Sapp, Bio Messiah, B-Max, CC Angel, Cherry Twelve, Continental XXXX, Cranky Contest, Del Sol, DH, Duel Dragon 2 (silver), Duel Dragon R - gold, Dunk Shoot, Dynaworld, E-Cup, EDO, ESP, Frozen Nights, Galaxy Hunter, Getter Mouse, Ghost Rush, Gloria Hearts, Gran-ciel, Hanabi, Hanabi Hyakei, Jirokichi , Knight Justice, LETS, Legacy of Tiny Seed, Light A Lamp, Marine Battle, Mr. Do, Nine, NJ(Ninja), Outlaw, RaiRaiGoku, Rainbow, Quest, Siberiana, Silver Bullet, SurfTrip, Taco Slot, Tarot Master, Tentacles, Thunder V, Versus, Virus Shock, Wolf-M   
(These have eight (8) wire push button assemblies)



AS-10 Used with various Yamasa machines.

Arabesques, Bagsy, Big Wave, Doctor A7, Epsilon, Faust, Henoji, Hot Area, Hyper Rush, Kung Foo Lady, Lucky Cat, Mephisto, New Pulsar, Panic Zaurus, Pink Panther 3, SuperReno



AS-11 (NEW) Used with Newer Yamasa machines.

Crazy Shaman, Cyber Dragon, Destroyer, King Pulsar, Magic Pulsar, Neo Planet, Nights, Penguin Paradise, Q Logos, Super Pikagoro, Time Cross, Time Park, Wild Wolf, Zak Zak



AS-12 Used in older NET (pre-1996) machines

Anglers Club, Catch Me 500, Clash, Crest, CT, Dog Fight, Halloween, Julian, Monkey Magic, Naval Soldier - blue, Naval Soldier - green, Pentagon, Sahara, Seven Lines, Trip Devil
(These have eight (8) wire push button assemblies)



AS-12-7 Used in Newer NET machines

Catch Me 500, Dracula 7 DX, Dracula A7 - purple, Dracula A7 - red, Gong, Seven Lines, Seven vs Dollars, Slotman



AS-14 Older Olympias w/o horseshoe lens

Cleopatra, Red Meteor & others



AS-15 Newer Olympia machines with horseshoe shaped lens without illuminated push buttons.

Bee Kids Club 2000, Flying Momonga, Gai Kids, Niceday World, Shark, Snowky, Super Stardust,



AS-16 Newer Olympia machines with horseshoe shaped lens with illuminated push buttons.

Atlantis Doom, Battle Knight, Beat The Dragon, Hot Rod Queen, Lupin The Third



AS-17 Newer Olympia 100 volt machines

Bakuretsu Ohzumoh,  Battle Knight, Beat the Dragon, Exhaust, Flowers, Golgo 13, Ice Story , Im an Angel, Las Vegas, Monster, Race Queen, Sakurufubuki,TomCat, Treasure Boat, Trick Monster, Twist



AS-20 Most IGT machines

Bazooka Shock, Dino Vader, Double Diamond, Dynamite, Ebizo, Elvis Presley, Hot Pepper, Jokers Wild, Monte Carlo, Mussel Tomato, Popper King, Red/White/Blue (Tricolor),  Super Egg, The Terminator, Tiger Mask



AS-22 Takasago Super Slot 100 volt machines.

Bruce Lee - red, & black Bruce Lee - white, Nile Panic, Rocky I, Rocky III



AS-24 Newer NET Machines

Big Bonus, Blackjack, Domino, Hound Dog, Poker, Sinbad, Zett



AS-26 Daido Machines

Bullet Girl, Fever Franken, Fever Ghost, Fever Queen, Hanafuda, Henoji,  Jiraiya, Maikue, Marine Gang, Shimuken G, Street Cats, Top Gun,  



AS-30 Aruze/Macy Machines with Large LCD

Azteca Legend, Crazy Racer, DonChan 2, Gold X, Ire-gui Fishing,  Million God, Punch Rush Boxing, Real Voltage, Samurai Spirits, Thunder V II, , etc



AS-50 (NEW) Sammy/Rodeo/Aristocrat machines with11-pin rainbow colored plug!!! Red/Blue LED buttons (Skill Stop buttons become disabled on this model)

Aero Guys, Aladdin, Animal King, BettyBoop, Big Lobster, Charlie's Angels, Club Rodeo, Cray Fish, Derby Boy, Disc Up,Double Challenge, Double Face, Fire Drift, Gamera, Ghost Shock, GinGin Maru, HB,HyperRemix , Ichigeki Teioh, Indy Jaws, JetSet Radio, King Camel, King ofFire, King of the Jungle, Kyojin no Hoshi, Lion King, Marine Carnival, SalaryMan, Sanpei Fishing, Savana Park,Sloter Kintaro, Snow King, The StrongestEmperor, Un Touchable


AS-0Z1 Oizumi machines with three4-pinconnectors

Blue Sky, LittleRock, Spec-A, and others...